Monday, June 16, 2008

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Finally updating:)

So as you can all tell, I'm no good at updating this. :) Here are some new pics of the little one. She is so cute! And getting so big. I can't believe she's 3 1/2 months old already, doesn't seem very old, but it has definitely gone by fast. She is rolling onto her sides, and is giggling a little. She smiles all the time, just not when I raise the camera to take a picture of her smiling! She's kind of a stink-pot just like her dad! She thinks she is so big, and wants to see everything around her. Its so neat to see her taking it all in and getting accustomed to this new world. I still can't believe she is mine. She is so perfect and beautiful, I really am so blessed. Darren is doing well too. He is working his little tail off. He works from 6am to 3:30pm at the college doing maintenance and from 4pm to around 9pm at UPS. Long days, but he is so wonderful to be willing to work so much so I can stay at home with Harley. Fathers Day was good. Harley was so fussy though (I really think she is teething). She's been chewing on her hands all week and drooling like crazy but yesterday was the first time she's been really cranky like something was bothering her. We went to Jamie and Kyles for dinner and she pretty much cried the whole time. We'll see if any teeth pop out in the near future who knows! As for me, I am doing well too. Just keeping things going on at home. I have decided to sell scentsy candles and I'm excited about that. Well I hope this will do everyone for a while, I don't get on here very often so I'll update it when I update it!