Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Pictures

So yes, I am finally updating my blog:) So much has been going on, I feel like things have just been a mad house lately! So here is a little update:
In September, we went up north for Darren's friends wedding. Darren came home that Sunday, but I stayed and got my tonsils taken out on the 24th. Sandy was so wonderful to take on the job of taking care of Harley while I was recovering and tending to my every need while I was whimpering in pain. Everything went well though and I feel fabulous! Harley and I flew home September 30th thanks to my wonderful in-laws for getting us the plane ticket:) We were definitely well taken care of! All the while, Darren was bachelorin' it up going to school and working. He said he missed us, but I'm not so sure about that ;) (just kidding!) He was definitely happy to get us home and Harley was so ecstatic to see her daddy at the airport that everyone around us was laughing and oohing and aaawing! It was so cute! Quite the daddy's girl I should say!
Well Sunday, we had our family pictures taken by one of the girls I visit teach. She is such a doll and did such a good job! I was so very pleased with how they turned out! Thanks Serena! You guys should check out her blog, she is so artistic! It's www.simplyserenityphotography.blogspot.com.
Harley is army crawling all over the place, sitting up, and is such an independant little thing- I wonder where she gets that from! She thinks she is such a big girl that its kind of sad:( She is so much fun though! She jabbers all the time and Darren swears that she says "hi-dad" (it really does sound like she's saying that!) but I'm not so sure she knows she's saying it!
This last week and a half, I've been working at the Kelly Services down here, helping them out with their new account, and can I tell you, I never thought it would be that hard to go back to work, and I knew it was only going to last not even 2 weeks and it has been so hard! Tomorrow is my last day yay!!! Harley has been so good when we leave her with our neighbors and Darren's cousin Krystal. I am so happy that she has been so good.
Darren is still working his little tail off with school and UPS. He is so wonderful! I am so very lucky to have such a wonderful family!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rolling Over

So not much new at the Nicol House, except for the fact that Harley can roll over! She thinks she is such a big girl, but once she is rolled over, she gets mad after a bit because she can't move from there! She is so funny, she kicks her feet and I know she is trying to be mobile, just can't quite get it down. Soon enough though. She will be crawling before we know it. She's a pretty determined little girl so I know it won't be long! She is such a little busy bee, always wanting to know what is going on, fighting her naps so she doesn't miss a thing, and wants the attention to always be on her. What can you do though, she is so darned cute!
It was so much fun to be up north for the 24th of July. I miss being around everyone so much! But it's always good to get back to the norm, and my little missy was definitely ready! Yes, I know, in these pics she is wearing the headband that my dad HATES with a passion, but don't tell k! Its the only red headband she's got and she was wearing a red outfit! I'm in the process of looking for smaller flowers for some of the headbands I made for her (including this one) but I haven't had much luck. So let me know if you happen across any.
Darren is still working his little life away. I am so lucky to have such a hardworking husband. He is definitely great! And it is so fun to have his day's off together, just the 3 of us. Harley definitely loves her daddy!
I have been doing pretty good. Scentsy is slow, but I am working on that and have fun doing it. If anyone wants to do a party, let me know (I'll take any reason to head up north for a few days!) but there are some rewards for doing a party! Let me know if you're interested! My website is www.scentsy.com/erinnicol .

Monday, July 14, 2008

Dress from Mexico

So Darren's cousin Krystal bought this cute sundress in Mexico for Harley I had to take some pics and show everyone! It is so cute on her, but it's not gonna fit for too much longer, Harley is getting a bit of a belly :) It's so cute! Krystal has a matching dress so we are going to take pics of them together in them! Aaawww how cute huh!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Slide Show #2

So not much has changed lately, Darren is still working tons (bless his heart) in the blasted heat! And Harley is getting bigger every day! She is so much fun and has so much personality. It is so fun to see her change and learn new things. She sits in her bumbo and she loves it! She loves being a big girl and being able to see everything that is going on. She struggles taking naps a bit, and I think its because she's afraid to miss anything that might be going on (a bit like her Aunt Amy Jo I'm afraid!). Shes still rolling on her sides, almost made it all the way over but that darnd arm gets in the way! She'll make it all to soon, then she'll learn to crawl and I won't know what to do with her!! I made her a bunch of cute headbands with flowers on them. I put her giant red one on to match her outfit and Grandpa Steve hated it!! He told grandma to call him if I ever brought her over with a "miner's lamp" on her head again! Ha ha ha! I was laughing so hard! He's such a goof, even though he really did hate the headband! I like it though, I kept trying to tell him its in style but he wasn't going for it! So I posted pics of her wearing it and you guys can tell me if I should get rid of it or what. I still think it's cute :) For me, Scentsy's is going slow, it's hard getting started because I feel like I know absolutely no one down here, but I know once I get going, it's going to be good! It's fun, and I really like the product, I just need to work on my self confidence I think! Dad and Sandy and Chris came down last weekend and it was a lot of fun. It was so good to see them and hang out, I sometimes feel so distanced from everyone (could it be that I live 400 miles away? I dunno!) but I am so excited to head up north over the 24th! It's going to be so fun and I can't wait to see everyone and of course I can't wait to show off my cute little one! Well, until next time!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Finally updating:)

So as you can all tell, I'm no good at updating this. :) Here are some new pics of the little one. She is so cute! And getting so big. I can't believe she's 3 1/2 months old already, doesn't seem very old, but it has definitely gone by fast. She is rolling onto her sides, and is giggling a little. She smiles all the time, just not when I raise the camera to take a picture of her smiling! She's kind of a stink-pot just like her dad! She thinks she is so big, and wants to see everything around her. Its so neat to see her taking it all in and getting accustomed to this new world. I still can't believe she is mine. She is so perfect and beautiful, I really am so blessed. Darren is doing well too. He is working his little tail off. He works from 6am to 3:30pm at the college doing maintenance and from 4pm to around 9pm at UPS. Long days, but he is so wonderful to be willing to work so much so I can stay at home with Harley. Fathers Day was good. Harley was so fussy though (I really think she is teething). She's been chewing on her hands all week and drooling like crazy but yesterday was the first time she's been really cranky like something was bothering her. We went to Jamie and Kyles for dinner and she pretty much cried the whole time. We'll see if any teeth pop out in the near future who knows! As for me, I am doing well too. Just keeping things going on at home. I have decided to sell scentsy candles and I'm excited about that. Well I hope this will do everyone for a while, I don't get on here very often so I'll update it when I update it!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Our Beginning

Darren and I met one sunny winter day at the wonderful Weber State University. We were both looking to move forward with our educations and little did we know we would find true love. "Mawige, mawige is what bwings us togeva today, mawige, that bwessed awangment, that dweam within a dweam, love, twu wove...." we met January 2005 and were married May 21, 2005. We were blessed with our beautiful daughter on March 5, 2008. She was born at 8:05 pm at Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George, Utah. She was 6 lbs 14 oz and was 18 1/2 inches. Darren is going to Dixie State College getting his associates degree in Automotive Technology and I am staying at home to raise my daughter, but might go back to work in the fall when Darren goes back to school. We are so excited to start our new adventure with our beautiful daughter Harley Jeanne Nicol and will try (for Stephs sake) to keep this updated!