Monday, February 22, 2010

Pics Finally and an Update

So here's a few pics from as of late. I can't believe how big the kids are getting! Paxton is now 8 months old and Harley will be 2 years old on March 5th! She is so excited for her "Dora" birthday party (I'm pretty excited myself!) I got her a Dora pinata (not that she knows what a pinata is yet) but I'm pretty sure she and the neighbor kids are gonna have some fun :) I'll post pics from that after her birthday!

So just an update on the fam :) Paxton is now crawling all over the place and getting into EVERYTHING!! He is pulling himself up on all the furniture, getting high centered on the kitchen chairs, hitting his big noggin on the ground and anything that gets in its way! But he is definitely a smiley (when he wants to be), loud, squeally big-little boy! He loves following Harley around and making his way back to her room where all the "fun" toys are. Harley is talking up a storm and making me laugh every day with the things I finally come to understand that she is and has been saying! It is so fun to see her get big (and frustrating too- sometimes too independant! Don't know where she gets that from!!! jk). She loves to sing along with Dora and run wild outside with the "tids" (kids). She asks to "eat" all day every day (wonder where she gets that one from!) and has recently started with the facination of undressing herself- diaper and all. Funny sometimes, yes... at 1:30 in the morning with a poopy diaper everywhere, not so funny! We have had to start putting her pajamas on backwards to hopefully keep that one from happening again! Guess it might be time to start potty training! The other thing she has decided to do is open the doors and get into EVERYTHING. So we ordered door knob covers thinking we had the problem solved. She is way too smart for my own good! Leave it to her to be able to open the doors despite the knob covers! We got two different kinds of covers and one of them seems to hold her off better than the other, but she has successfully opened those a few times as well. My busy little bee!!!
Darren is just plugging away with school not being able to wait for it to be done!! He is doing so great and I am so lucky to have such a hard worker for a husband. As for me, I'm just busy keeping up with my two hoodlums and can hardly wait for it to get warmer and stay warmer so we can play outside more!