Sunday, August 30, 2009

Awesome Weekend

So this weekend has been a great weekend! Friday my wonderful neighbor Jana watched my kids so I could clean my house! I know this doesn't sound very exciting, but I didn't get to go through my nesting stage while I was pregnant so I guess its hitting me now! I've been going crazy! My house has been driving me nuts so I told Darren that when his school money came in, we were getting our carpets cleaned for sure! So the carpets were to be cleaned Friday night, and I really wanted the house super clean beforehand. Its truly amazing what you can get accomplished when you're not chasing your kids around! So my house was super clean and then Darren treated me to a day at the spa! I got my hair cut, a massage, and a pedicure! Totally needed and completely fantastic! I feel like a new woman ;) I have such a wonderful husband! We woke up today and I really wasn't feeling like going to church, I told Darren I wanted to sleep all day! But we went and I am so glad we did. We were late as usual, but President Eyring was sitting on the stand next to our Bishop. He spoke after our scheduled speakers, which were wonderful as well. He spoke about how we need to lose ourselves in service. That if we are constantly serving those around us, the things we are going through won't feel so bad, and we will be blessed emmensly. It was definitely something I needed to hear. I feel like I've been so wrapped up in my own crazy life that I sometimes feel overwhelmed and get down on myself. I'm pretty sure if I worked more to help those in need around me, I'd feel better about myself... I know I would. Selfishly I feel he was there just for me, to tell me to be a better person, and I'm glad I got up and went to church to hear him. Off my soapbox now, I had a great weekend. I am so very lucky!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

So Lucky!

I feel like I'm the luckiest mom in the world :) I have two of the cutest kids ever! Harley is getting so big and shows me how big she is getting every day! It cracks me up the things she picks up on and does and the words she says. Grandma Marge insisted that she needed a doll stroller and after watching her fight with the neigbor girl Olivia over hers, Darren went and got her one and she is hilarious! She puts her doll or bear in it, grabs her purse and keys and walks to the door and says 'buh bye' and waves. I ask her where she is going and she waves again and says 'buh-bye'. She thinks she needs to ride in the front seat of the car now when we go anywhere and is definitely strongwilled about everything! I know, I know, wonder where she gets it huh! And Paxton is so very cute! He is getting to be quite the chunky monkey! He loves to eat and thinks if he's awake that's what he should be doing. He has become pretty fussy, but hopefully it's just a stage :) I love watching Harley run to put his binkey in his mouth when he's fussing or when he's in his swing she almost lays on him and gives him kisses- it's very sweet! Can't complain- they are my pride and joy!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fabulous Family Time!

So my fabulous sister Ricci knew I needed some family time longer than a quick weekend and helped me and the kids get up north for the 24th of July. We were able to stay and bless Paxton on August 1st and see Taelor get blessed on the 2nd. It was a much needed get away! We were able to hang out with all my siblings and their kids and do some fun activities! I was so very happy to be able to go to Sally's annual 24th of July bbq- I was so sad when Darren and I talked about it and decided we wouldn't be able to make it up there for it since we were planning Paxton's baby blessing on the 1st, so that was such a treat! It has been so blasted hot in St. George that I have felt so bad for Harley who gets so bored of our house, but I'm too big of a wuss to take her and the baby outside in the heat! So I really wanted to make this trip a good one for Harley and I think we succeeded! She loved playing with the kids and in the ice pool that the drinks were in at the 24th bbq. I was thrilled to be outside and not feel like it was too hot for my kids! We spent the weekend hanging out with everyone and holding eachother's babies! I finally got to meet my new nieces Taelor Jeanne Stewart and Madison Whyte and see my neice Peyton Maxine Hale that I haven't seen since she was born in March! I loved it! So many babies and so many more to come!
Our first outing was to the Treehouse in Ogden with Steph and the kids. This place was amazing! So much fun for the kids and I'm pretty sure Harley was in heaven with everything she could play with! She loved the tea party room and the baby dolls the best but was so busy going from room to room! It was so fun to watch her be able to be busy and do whatever she wanted!
We then went to Chucky Cheese with Shelby and the kids and they had a blast! Harley was dillusionally tired but was so enthralled with all the fun things that she was able to play with! And the pizza wasn't half bad either :)
We also were able to go to the Hogle Zoo! I have been telling Darren for months that I wanted to take Harley to the Zoo and we were finally able to go! Grandma Sandy was wonderful and watched Paxton so I could spend some one on one time with Harley and it was awesome! I loved watching her eyes get big when she would see the animals! She loved the monkeys and the Penguins the best I think! I knew she was going to love it and I don't think I have been to the Hogle Zoo since I was little! We were so lucky to be able to go with Amy, Taelor, Steph, Noah and Cameron. So much fun!
Darren came up with his brother on the 31st and blessed Paxton Dar Nicol on the 1st of August. It was such a wonderful blessing. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband! Thank you honey for being so strong and a wonderful husband and father! I want to thank everyone for coming and supporting us and helping us out! We are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends and I don't know what I would do without them! I'm just glad we don't live further away than we already do I think I'd go a bit crazy! And then we had Taelors blessing on the 2nd and it was wonderful too! So great to be able to do it together! Thanks Amy and Phil for sharing the wonderful weekend with us!
Sorry about the long post! Just so much to share!