Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Play Place

So Harley has found a new play place :) She's been pulling the tupperware out of our corner cupboard in our kitchen for a while now, but she has decided she wants to be able to get to the stuff she hasn't been able to reach. The cupboard itself isn't the easiest to get stuff in and out of in the first place, but somehow she wriggles herself right inside! She's such an adamant little thing!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bath Time with Baylee!

Harley and Baylee are so very fun! They play so well together and get so excited every time they see eachother! Every now and then, they get to have bath time together and they love it! The splashing gets bigger and better each time too! I love watching these two play together! I love them both so much! Its so much fun and we are so lucky to have such good friends across the street! And yeah I know, my poor pasty white daughter compared to Baylee! I'm afraid she was blessed beyond belief with her mommas whitey white skin! Oh well! She doesn't seem to mind quite yet!