Thursday, March 11, 2010

Harley's First Haircut

So we decided to cut off Harley's mullett! It was getting so long, but only in the back. The front is just taking it's sweet time to grow. So we figured it was time to do something about it. Mom and Harley had a girls day and both got our hair cut. She did such a good job, didn't cry and just sat on my lap and chatted her little tail off! Everyone at the salon was so impressed at how well she did and how smart she is (she likes to sing the alphabet and say her numbers). Her hair makes her look so grown up! It still is a bit too short in the front so hopefully that will start growing, but the back looks way cute! She even let me straight-iron it when we got home! The girl that cut our hair did a way good job, and I really like my hair cut as well!


ParkerandKatieDavis said...

So cute! Its funny because Mason had his first hair cut at like 5 months...joys of girls. I can't believe how smart little Harley is! We really need to get know, I am missing the warm weather! Maybe we'll head south some weekend.

snow family said...

I can't believe how big you kids look!! It feels like forever since we've seen you all. What a good girl to sit for a hair cut!

Elisa and Tyler said...

So cute! I had to do that with Tylee too! Darn Mullets!